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  1. How Fashion Can Change Your Life But Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

    Fashion changes with every second of everyday within every hour. If you’re not careful, you might just miss the latest trend. Today’s top fashion influences are classic, trendy and informative. With the age of the internet everything is at your fingertips, and becoming a fashionista has never been so easy. Check out the informative ways below on how to stay current in fashion, and how to bring the latest fashion finds of the world right to your very own wardrobe.


    Fashion Capitals

    The best way to stay current on the up and coming trends and the not-so-hot is to simply research fashion. The best way to stay on top of latest fashion inspiration is to know what is going on in the top fashion capitals of the world. London, Milan, New York and Paris are said to be the cities to keep tabs on. Top designers push their way to the top here, and make fashion greatness on runways. Thus, seeing what has hit the latest runways around the world can inspire you in a different light—especially when it comes to ‘new arrivals’.


    Fashion Icons

    Grab some fashion inspiration by following fashion icons in the industry, as well as up and coming designers. A great way to get to know who designers are and what they contribute to the fashion world is thorough research. Of course, there are the obvious classic designers we see on labels in department stores and high end boutiques, but there are a whole world of designers that create handbags in Barcelona, shoes in Rome, dresses in London, and sunglasses in Australia that may not be well-known in your immediate world, but are known globally for fashion trends.


    Fashion Media

    Media today isn’t just limited to magazines. There are runway and designer ...